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Rhythmic Healing/Therapeutic Movement

Call of the Wind


October 11th - 14th 2024

Wind speaks in a voice beyond words, it opens

our senses and wakes up our body.

Residential weekend of healing, through movement and meditation in relationship with nature, and the warmth and inspiration of time spent around a Sacred Fire.

Rhythm of nature 

         Rhythm of the land

                      Rhythm of my body

Please see retreats page for more information.

Rhythmic Healing is a movement based therapeutic healing process.It supports greater alignment betweenthe physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of being. This inner alignment can help to connect you to your core energy, enabling more congruency between inner feeling and outer expression. This also means that what is stuck or held can find a way to release, safely and naturally. Rhythmic Healing can help you to deepen into a capacity to listen to and be with your body rhythm. It is from this listening, that healing, awareness and more capacity for presence flow.

Rhythmic Healing was developed by Ruth Noble with whom I trained and studied from 2002 until her death in 2013. My Rhythmic Healing practice is built on many years of previous training and personal study. Notably as a 'Move into Life' teacher with Sandra Reeve as well as with Suprapto Suryodarmo both in Java and the UK. My gratitude goes to these teachers, alongside the generous sharing and support of my friends and colleagues in movement practice. 



Core Principles of Rhythmic Healing


Trust in Your Rhythm 

As you connect with your natural rhythm the more you can align yourself with your core nature. This may also help you to attune with the environment within which you live, and with those around you.


Embodied Presence

Becoming more present in your body is both at the root of, and can be a route to healing. At the essence of Rhythmic Healing is the intention to receive yourself just as you are.


Heart Connection

Rhythmic Healing encourages a deepening of your connection to your heart, which can bring a growing sense of compassion for yourself and others.


Readiness to Heal

As you become more congruent with your own rhythm, change happens when you are ready. This means that, for example, if stuck patterns are held in the body they may release when you have developed the inner resources to let them go. In this way Rhythmic Healing can be a safe and natural way to work. 


As you deepen into your natural way of being, we also explore how to extend your language of movement. This can encourage a growing confidence in how you embody and express yourself.



As you begin to trust the wisdom of your body, following what brings you joy and satisfaction can take you to a place of growing fulfilment in your life. 




Rhythmic Healing may help: 


 - To bring together your inner knowing with your outer action

 - To connect the flow of your spiritual life into your daily life 

 - When you feel anxious or depressed

 - When you feel stuck or lost in your life

 - When you feel a disconnection from yourself or others

 - When there is a loss of clear identity or direction

 - When you feel held back by fears

 - When you become overwhelmed by feeling and emotion




Frequently asked questions:


What happens in a session?


Rhythmic Healing sessions are usually either 60 or 90 minutes long. The longer sessions give time for you to settle into yourself and your body, we can decide together what is most appropriate for you. Each session is different, however, usually we will have a short conversation at the beginning about what you are bringing that day. From there I aim to support you to drop more deeply into the flow of energy that is arising in you. This can be in different ways, often through guided meditation or a simple structured exercise. The main focus is to acknowledge and welcome what is here, with a spirit of enquiry and curiosity. Rhythmic Healing is a transpersonal healing discipline so my intention is to hold whatever arises within the field of something greater than ourselves, with love and compassion. For more information please see articles “Moving through the Body” and Core Principles of Rhythmic Healing below. 


How often do I need to come?


Having sessions at regular intervals tends to encourage a sense of safely and hence often a deeper level of work. Occasion sessions can also be very supportive, especially for those familiar with working in this way. At your first session we can decide what is most appropriate for you. 


What do I do next?


Please ring or email if you are interested. I am happy to meet you for a free 40 - 60 minute chat for us to see if we would like to work together.

01364 631052



My Training and background.


I have been working with movement healing with individuals and groups since 1995. I originally studied with Sandra Reeve and then trained with her to become a 'Move into Life' teacher. I also studied with Prapto Suryodarmo in Java and the UK between 1991 and 1997. Both teachers have greatly inspired my work. In 2009 I completed my training in Rhythmic Healing with Ruth Noble taking this work more into the area of therapeutic healing. Sadly Ruth died in July 2013. The small group of graduates who were fortunate enough to train with her now support each other to continue with this work. 


Please also see:


I am registered with the Association of Therapeutic Healers and work according to their code of ethics. 




If you would like to enquire about Rhythmic Healing contact Anna : 01364 631052

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