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Plant Spirit Medicine


Plant Spirit Medicine is a gentle but powerful healing modality. It brings together two potent ways of working, the Chinese Five Element system of diagnosis and ancient shamanic techniques of dreaming to communicate with plants.


Eliot Cowan, who is a Tsarrikamme/Elder Shaman and healer in the Mexican Huichol Tradition, rediscovered plant Spirit Medicine in the 1990’s. Since then this way of practicing Plant Spirit Medicine has grown in strength with healers practicing all over the world. 

Plant Spirit Medicine can help:


When you feel out of balance on any level.

When you feel anxiety and fear.

When you feel disconnected from yourself and others.

Reconnect you to your relationship with your environment and the natural world.

To find a clearer perspective on your life.

When you feel lost or stuck in your life.

When you have been through a difficult time such as grief or trauma

Rebalance your whole system so you feel improvement in your general health and wellbeing. 

What happens in a treatment?


After an in depth diagnosis the Plant Spirit Medicine Healer calls the spirit of the plants most appropriate for each individual. The treatment is then carefully moderated using the Chinese Five Element method of pulse taking, to bring the energy into a state of balance. From this state of balance health begins to flow.


Plant Spirit Medicine can show a clear movement towards health after just one treatment, however its real beauty is how over time it gradually reminds the body, mind and spirit how it is to be in balance. When we are in balance we feel better in ourselves and it is easier to navigate our lives on all levels be it emotional blocks or physical disturbances. From a place of balance many things can resolve.


The regularity of treatment will depend upon the nature of your situation and general health, which we will discuss this at the first session. 


Plant Spirit Medicine in its essence is about being in balance with all of nature. As a result it attunes us with the rhythms of nature, brings us into increasing harmony with the seasons, the environment we live in, those that we live with and of course our own lives.

Clinical Consultancy.

I am a clinical consultant for the Plant Spirit Medicine Seminary. If you are a practitioner of Plant Spirit Medicine and would like support in your work please contact me to discuss how I can best help you. 

Plant Spirit Medicine Training.

A Plant Spirit Medicine Training is starting April 2022, more information coming soon! Please contact me if you are interested.

My Training.


I trained in Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan, completing in 2005. Since then I have attended many further education classes in Plant Spirit Medicine, trained as a clinical consultant and Plant Spirit Medicine teacher. 


I am a full healer member of the Plant Spirit Medicine Association.  

I co-wrote the Code of Ethics and Grievance Procedure for the Plant Spirit Medicine association and served as co-chair of the PSM Ethics committee for many years. 

If you would like to enquire about Plant Spirit Medicine treatment contact Anna : 01364 631052

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