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Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy


Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy is a western therapeutic approach informed by Buddhist understanding. It integrates all parts of our being, body, feeling and mind as well our spiritual life.


Many people come for therapy at times when life feels challenging or difficult. This can be when they experience a loss or bereavement, life crisis or relationship difficulty. It may be to cope with periods of anxiety or depression. Many find it helpful to have someone supportive during a life transition or problems at work. Others may simply want a space to reflect on their life and deepen into themselves. 


My intention is to provide a safe, caring, confidential and welcoming environment at these times, with openness to whatever you bring. 




Mindfulness can help us to be more present with what we find difficult as well as what is exciting and inspiring in our lives. It is easy to become caught up in anxieties about the future or concerns about the past, mindfulness can enable us to gain some clarity and peace of mind. Together we explore how to be with what is arising with compassion and acceptance, which can allow the unfolding of unresolved issues.  


Mindfulness can help to connect us to our inherent health and wisdom, encouraging more spaciousness in relation to ourselves and others. We work from the understanding that given the right conditions we naturally move towards wholeness and wellbeing.




Part of the therapeutic process is to encourage and support you to discover and utilise what nourishes you in your life. What is it that makes life satisfying and gives you joy and meaning? How can you bring more of this into each day?


My aim is to support you to become more comfortable with yourself and so discover and allow the emergence and expression of your inner truth.



My Background


I have an MA in Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy with the Karuna Institute and am accreditated with UKCP. If you’d like to find out more about my background, you are welcome to explore the rest of this website.



If you would like to explore the possibility of seeing me for psychotherapy I offer a free 40 - 60 minute introductory session, to see if we feel happy and comfortable to work together. To arrange this, please contact me on:


01364 631052

If you would like to enquire about Psychotherapy contact Anna : 01364 631052

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