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Homoeopathy is a subtle and effective healing method used by many with remarkable results. It was re-discovered by Samuel Hahneman in the late 1890’s and is practiced worldwide to this day. There are hundreds of different homeopathic remedies; each contains an infinitesimal amount of a substance. When you take the remedy appropriate to you, it stimulates your immune system to come back into a healthy balance. 


Homeopathy can help:


When you feel anxiety and fear. 

When your emotions overwhelm you.

To stimulate your immune system and bring you back into a state of health and wellbeing.

To bring mind, body and spirit into alignment

When you feel stuck or depressed

When you have been through difficult times such as a grief or trauma.

With energy based complaints


What happens in a session?


The first homeopathy session lasts up to 2 hours with an adult and around 90 minutes for a child. During this time we will talk at depth about your life and general condition. After this you will be either given or sent a remedy or series of remedies. The first follow-up session is important as it gives me vital information about how you have responded to the remedy, this usually happens 4–6 weeks after the first appointment. We can also check in on the phone between appointments if needed. 





I trained at The School of Homoeopathy, completing in 1987. Since then I have done extensive further training with many teachers including Jeremy Sherr’s Advanced Training with Dynamis School of Homeopathy. 

I tutored at the school of Homeopathy for 9 years and have supervised many students and practitioners. 

If you would like to enquire about Homeopathy contact Anna : 01364 631052

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