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Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training
Dartmoor Devon


                                                                                        Listen with the Land













Move with the Plants



Foundation Year 1


The first year will include:


  • An immersive journey of the five elements as we move through each season.

  • Understanding our individual experience of the seasons in relation to the Chinese Five Element view. 

  • Ways of connecting with and dreaming with the plants.

  • Exploration of the Plant Spirit Medicine world view and how we relate to this in our daily life.

  • Exploration of our interconnectedness - in relation to our selves, our body and energy system, as well as to each other and the environment - as a basis for healing and support for living on this beautiful planet.


We will learn from nature - using movement, meditation and creative enquiry to help us attune to and explore our embodied experience of the elements. It is a programme designed for healing and transformation as we move towards greater alignment with ourselves, others and this planet through our relationship with the plants.


A one year course taught by Anna Murray Preece, which also serves as a necessary foundation year for the second year of Practitioner Training.




Practitioner Year 2

For those wishing to continue and qualify as a practitioner, the second year will be an in depth exploration of how we work with clients. This will include techniques of diagnosis and treatment protocols used in Plant Spirit Medicine, as taught by Eliot Cowan. These harness the natural power of the plant spirits to strengthen the constitution and clear energy blocks.

This will consist of 5 x 4 day long weekends plus one to one clinical practice. One to one clinical practice will be by arrangement with a qualified PSM healer or consultant.


On successful completion of two years training you will be 

qualified to practice as a Plant Spirit Medicine healer.


To register your interest and to reserve your place on this unique training, 

please send me some information about yourself and what draws you to this.


At this stage there are no plans to repeat the course, this is a one - off opportunity to learn more about this way of Plant Spirit medicine, a medicine for our time.


Year One dates


Spring/Wood - April 1-4th 2022 

Summer/Fire - June 24th- 27th 2022 

Late Summer/Earth - September 2nd – 5th 2022 

Autumn/Metal - October 28th - 31st  2022

Winter/Water - January 20th – 23rd 2023

(Friday's pm to Monday's pm)


Price - £425 per weekend, fully residential.


This includes indoor accommodation in the April/October/January weekends and camping in the June and September weekends. All in in a beautiful venue next to the river Dart.

Indoor accommodation is also available in June and September at an additional, reasonable cost.

(This training is also being taught simultaneously by Lucy Wells and Pip Waller in Shropshire -


Transition into the new era

with the

healing power of plants



My Training.


I trained in Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan, completing in 2005. Since then I have attended many further education classes in Plant Spirit Medicine and trained as a clinical consultant and Plant Spirit Medicine teacher. 


I am a full healer member of the Plant Spirit Medicine Association.  

I co-wrote the Code of Ethics and Grievance Procedure for the Plant Spirit Medicine association and served as co-chair of the PSM Ethics committee for many years. 


If you would like to enquire about Plant Spirit Medicine treatment contact Anna : 01364 631052

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